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Submission of Materials
Banner ads can be in jpeg and gif format. All materials must be delivered via electronic medium. All ads must be delivered via electronic version, either on disk or e-mail in the ordered pixel dimensions unless otherwise noted.

Technical Detail: Your banner will be posted on our website and rotated with other banners currently on display.

Banner Ads
S/NDescriptionBanner SizeWeekly (NGN)Monthly (NGN)
1Homepage Right Sidebar280×270 pixelsN28,000N80,000
2Homepage Middle Sidebar300×250 pixelsN25,000N65,000
3Footer728×90 pixelsN20,000N45,000
4Pages Right Sidebar270×186 pixelsN50,000N150,000
5Categories Sidebar270×186 pixelsN40,000N100,000
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S/NArticle without bannerArticle SizeWeekly (NGN)Monthly (NGN)
1One page3000 characters or 500 words.N20,000N40,000
2Two pages6000 characters or 1000 words.N28,000N51,000
3Above two pages9000 characters or 1500 words.N32,000N78,000
S/NAudio/Video AdsHomepagePagesCategories pages
110 mins belowN90,000N190,000N140,000
210 mins – 15 minsN150,000N300,000N170,000
315 mins – 40 minsN450,000N550,000N350,000

We accept

Animated or static GIF;
JPG image file banner;
An audio creative must have an on/off button, or a mouse-over;
May contain HTML, Flash, GIF and simple JavaScript;
Flash: Adobe Flash version 8 animation (SWF incl. GIF backup);
Each creative must be delivered as a SWF(Flash Player File) with the clicktag action for measuring
clicks according Industry Standard;
Animation loop unlimited;
Alt text maximum 128 characters;
An active clickthrough/ URL must be provided for each creative;
Actionscript should look like (Flash 8 Action Script version )
ActionScript 3 is not supported!

Deadline delivery
All standards ads must be provided two (2) business days before the campaign start date.

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